Sunday, January 21, 2007

One Night in Papeete

Downtown Papeete
Because of airline scheduling most travelers to French Polynesia have to spend a night in Papeete. The question of an inexpensive place to stay often comes up. This week I’m going to start listing them. Let me note that accommodations in Papeete and environs are no great shakes. Good is as good as it’s going to get, fair is a more realistic goal.

A new 3 star, 91 room hotel is set to open in July of next year.
Christophe Beaumont of the Mandarin Hotel is developing it.
The room rates have already been set at 11,000 XPF (not bad).

Tahitipresse reported “the hotel is using a special type of construction to make the walls between rooms more soundproof and less susceptible to noise vibrations from the city's busy rush hour traffic during the day.

There will be a gym, two swimming pools, a boutique.”

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