Friday, January 26, 2007

Papeete - Pension Puea

Pension Puea Papeete
Pension Puea
(689) 85 43 43
87 rue Pasteur Octave Moreau

Pension Puea - Stayed there last spring. The room was a delight. Spotlessy clean, fresh pressed sheets, 2 clean fluffy white towels folded prettily with fragrant Tiare soaps.

The bathroom also was absolutely clean. Great water pressure, hot water 24/7. Only problem with the bathroom is that it has one of those showers where the water goes all over the floor.

The people who run the place stay up late and chat outside. I had the front left room (looking from the street) which has windows over the front sitting area plus their house on the side. Even with all the windows closed I could hear them. Thankfully it was in French which I don't understand so it was less annoying. I dozed off and then at 2 am I was awoken by more chatting. Roosters go all night. Had an early flight so I could not use ear plugs. The 4 rear bedrooms are next to the bathrooms so they could be noisy also. My room was fine on a very hot, humid night with the floor fan, even when I closed the windows.

The common room has only a microwave and fridge, I did not see any dishes or cutlery. No smoking inside but you can smoke at the garden tables.

I would have had a hard time finding it at night (got a lift from locals while waiting for the Le Truck). The street does not have a street sign, however there is a sign on Avenue Prince Hinoi on the near left corner saying Pension Puea on a post.

Walking to the bus stop the next day there is a block or two on Avenue Prince Hinoi that has heavy traffic where you have to walk in the street. During the day it's a pleasant walk to the market and ferry. At night the streets seemed very dark as the shops were closed.

Their 2007 rates are the same as they have been since 2003.

Room with shared bathroom: 6990 xpf per day all taxes included with breakfast served from 06:30 to 08:30 am.
Room with private bathroom (not ensuite): 9500 xpf per day.
Transfer from airport: 2500 xpf for 2 persons with luggage.

They also noted in their email to me yesterday that they have single rooms in their annex for 5500 xpf with breakfast. The transfer rate is the same. They said that they drive you to Puea and then transfer you to the annex (500 meters away).

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