Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Air Tahiti - Part 4

Air Tahiti Plane

If you happen to be young (under 25), a Senior (60 or over), or traveling with your family (at least one adult with a child under 16) you can purchase a Carte Jeune (Youth Card), Carte Marama (Senior Card) or Carte Famille (Family Card).

The card costs 1000 to purchase for youths and Seniors and 2000 for families. You will need to present photo ID (like your passport, for families this applies to the parent, children need a birth certificate), have a passport photo for the pass (for families this applies to the parents only though I would bring photos of the children just in case). I've heard that the pass is not available for purchase at the airport Air Tahiti office. One has to go into Papeete to purchase it.

The card is good for 5 years, assuming that one still qualifies.

The benefits of the cards are a price reduction of 50% on bleu flights (75% for children under 12), 30% off on blanc flights (50% for children under 12) and 10% on rouge flights (50% for children under 12).

Be aware that the seats available for these discounted fares are limited. Reservations and ticketing can only be done in French Polynesia for these discounts.

I must also note that I read a report from someone who purchased a family pass. At first they tried to tell him that he was not eligible since he was a tourist. He pointed out the sentence (written in French) where it said that the card, reservations and ticketing have to be done in FP with no mention of any restrictions as to who could benefit.

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