Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Air Tahiti - Part 5

Air Tahiti Airplane

Savings can also be realized by purchasing point to point airfares in Tahiti instead of overseas.

Here some are fare comparisons for round trip tickets. My Tahiti fares are from last summer. These fares are good on any flight.

Route RTOverseas LSOverseas HSTahiti
Tahiti - Huahine210002100018900
Tahiti - Bora Bora315003470026100
Tahiti - Raiatea243002430021600
Tahiti - Maupiti303003030026600
Tahiti - Tikehau322003470028600
Tahiti - Rangiroa322003470028600
Tahiti - Nuku Hiva576005760050200
Tahiti - Raivavae492004920043900

Many destinations do not have seasonal surchages.

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