Sunday, February 11, 2007


Burnt ankle and bug bitten foot
I must admit that I'm a mosquito magnet. I recall sitting in the Club Bali Hai lobby with three other people as dusk approached. They were perfectly fine but I had to flee to my room as I was being eaten alive. So the mozzies may not be an issue for you. However, if they are I'd like to recommend Buggspray. Unlike other insect repellents this one smells nice, like vanilla. It contains 25% deet so it works (there is also a non-deet version which I haven't tried).

You can purchase it directly at Buggspray's eBay store or from a retail store (mostly in the mid-west) or via mailing them.

Their products are more expensive than the regular brands - $14.00 for 2 4 oz. spray pump bottles or $5 for a one ounce trial size plus shipping but if smelling nice matters then this is the product to choose.

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