Monday, February 05, 2007

Tikehau - Pension Kahaia Beach

Pension Kahaia Beach, Tikehau from the main motu

Update 1/2/12:  This pension is now closed.

Someone asked about Tikehau so I wanted to post about where I stayed last year.

Pension Kahaia Beach
no Web site or direct email
You can make an email reservation via the Haere-Mae Federation of Guesthouse and Family Accomodations.
(689) 96 22 77

Fare with half board 7000 per person
Fare with full board 8500 per person
(the food was very good)
Camping is available but there are no kitchen facilities available
Guests can keep drinks and snacks cold in a shared ice chest (a large Coleman camper type)
Transfers are free

The pension is on its own private motu. It's the closest motu to the main one. Here is a nice map. It has the best location (aside from the Pearl Beach Resort) in Tikehau.

Somethings to note:
The owners speak very little English. I speak even less French and we got along fine.
There is no drinkable water on the motu, you should stock up on your first day on your way there. I was going through four liters a day.
Reef sharks live in the channel. I was told that they would not bother me and they didn't. It was cool to go swimming with the sharks.
To get to the main village one has to kayak across the channel and then bicycle to town. There is only one kayak and bicycle available. As I was the only guest for 5 of my 7 days there it worked out fine. One could walk closer to the reef and wade across to the main motu.
There are a lot of mosquitos there. I would advise splurging on the large spray can (1300 - 1500?) and spraying the bathroom, around the fare and the dining area. Mosquito coils are provided.

Pension Kahaia Beach, Tikehau Fare exterior
Pension Kahaia Beach, Tikehau Fare exterior 2
Pension Kahaia Beach, Tikehau Bedroom
Pension Kahaia Beach, Tikehau Shower
Pension Kahaia Beach, Tikehau Bathroom

Pension Kahaia Beach, Tikehau View from my fare
Pension Kahaia Beach, Tikehau Another view from my fare
Pension Kahaia Beach, Tikehau Dining Area

Pension Kahaia Beach, Tikehau View toward the reef

Pension Kahaia Beach, Tikehau View toward the main motu

Pension Kahaia Beach, Tikehau The kayak and the channel


  1. A reader emailed me this comment:
    I just come back from this pension where i was yesterday.
    It was a nightmare :
    As you say it the place is still charming even if the next motu has been remodelled by bulldozers and does not seem natural anymore
    with so many mega rocks protecting it.
    Everything is broken. You have to fill a bottle to wash the toilets.
    The mosquitoes were there but no other light than a petrol lamp which i couldn't swich on the second night.
    As i asked for visiting the lagoon, i was just proposed a visit on the day they wanted.
    Pita, the boss, took me in his boat at the moment of a storm and returned quickly but i had to pay for this shortenned visit of the lagoon
    But the worse was that they talked to ma about their religious beliefs all my stay long ... while i olny wanted to relax and enjoy.
    I think that your description is not accurate for the present time.
    I have no google account so i cannot comment.
    Thierry from Raiatea (French Polynesia)

    1. Anonymous7:29 PM

      I'm sorry you had a bad stay there. My wife and I stayed there for a week and we had the most relaxing, enjoyable time of the 12 islands we visited. No one there but us and a tent. Yes, it's rustic, but if you want to be pampered then the tikehau pearl beach resort would be better