Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tahiti on a Rockbottom Budget - Part 2

I recommend basing yourself in two different pensions during your stay in Moorea (reasons to be explained).

In Moorea take Le Truck (300) to Pension Te Motu Iti.

This pension is lagoon side on the peninsula between Cooks and Opunohu bays, close to the Sheraton hotel. A dorm bed will cost less than 2000.

The reason for the recommendation is that for me the magnificent bays are the highlight of Moorea. At Te Motu Iti you will have access to free kayaks (both singles and doubles). They have plenty of them. You can spend the day exploring.

The best snorkeling on Moorea is reputed to be in this area. You can snorkel from the Te Motu Iti (no beach but they have an overwater room available to all) or from the beach at the Sheraton. (Swimming and snorkeling among the overwater bungalows in $800 a night waters sure feels good.)

The drawback to the location and why I recommend only staying maybe two nights is the lack of cooking facilities and inexpensive meal options.

There is a restaurant on the premises. It's no longer open all day (and they no longer do the Sunday Tahitian lunch.) Budget around 1500 for the cheapest dinner.

There is a small pizzeria/hamburger place between the Pension and the Sheraton.

There are two supermarkets about 5 km (3 miles) away in PaoPao at the head of Cook’s Bay. It’s a nice walk. There is a small shop (magasin) past the Sheraton (around 2 km from the Pension). Check with the pension as to the hours of operation of the stores. There is also a “Snack” restaurant in Cooks Bay.

If you are heading to Cooks Bay stop by the Moorea Fruit Juice Factory at PK 12. It's open Monday - Saturday from 9 am - 4 pm and you can sample their liquers for free.

Photo courtesy of Tahiti Tourisme

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  1. Where else would you suggest staying on Moorea? Do you know anything about Mark´s Place? How long would you stay on Moorea? I have 11 days and am wondering if it´s worth it to go to Maupiti. Also, I´ll be travelling in July. Is it absolutely necessary to make all my reservations beforehand? It´s not my usual style, but it seems to be the highest travel season. Thanks!