Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tahiti on a Rockbottom Budget - Part 3

Camping Nelson beach

After a couple of days at Te Motu Iti head to the west coast of Moorea (the Petit Village area). There you will find Camping Nelson and Moorea Camping. These are not only for campers. They are on the longest stretch of beach in Moorea, with beautiful sunsets.

Camping Nelson
(689) 56 15 18
PK 27.1
A two bed dorm for 2000 for the first night, 1600 for subsequent nights.
A private room for 1 or 2 (double bed) is 4800 for one night, 4300 for subsequent nights.
Camping is 1200 per person.
For more money you can have your own fare.
There are communal cooking facilities, shops and restaurants are nearby.

Moorea Camping
(689) 56 14 47
no longer has a Web site
Their email no longer works.
(That's not unusual in French Polynesia.)
PK 27.5
They have a similar set-up to Camping Nelson with prices reported to be slightly less. Their communal kitchen/dining area has a water view.

Moorea Camping does an inexpensive Shark & Ray Feeding excursion, for guests it's only 1500, 2000 for non-guests.

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