Friday, February 02, 2007

Tahiti on a Rockbottom Budget - Part 4

Mark's Place Paradise Moorea

Another option for Moorea is Mark's Place Paradise aka Haapiti Camping
(689) 56 43 02
(689) 78 93 65
Skype Phone: marksmoorea
PK 23.5

Mark's is located on the southwest side of Moorea. To reach Mark's one would take the southbound Le Truck from the ferry. If you were traveling from Te Motu Iti to Mark's you would take the Le Truck to the ferry and then take the other Le Truck to Mark's.

Though away from the more touristed areas of the island, everyone who has stayed here has raved about this place.

They offer dorms for 2000 and 2500.
Camping for 1050 per person.
A private room for two, 5000.
Cooking facilities are available.
They rent bikes and kayaks for 1000 a day (a very good rate).

They accept credit cards.

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