Wednesday, February 14, 2007

7th Marquesas Arts Festival in Ua Pou

Marquesan Artisan
Tahitipresse announced that the 7th Marquesas arts festival will take place on the island of Ua Pou from Dec. 17 to Dec. 20. Around 5,000 visitors from Tahiti and from abroad are expected to attend the event. The arts festival takes place every four years. The last one was held on the island of Hiva Oa, in December 2003.

They reported that 2,000 Marquesans will be coming from all the islands of the archipelago to join the celebrations. Delegations from other Pacific Islands such as Hawaii, New Zealand, Easter Island, New Caledonia and Wallis-and-Futuna are also expected.

Here are some photos from the 1999 Festival on Nuku Hiva.

The fancy freighter Arunai 3 will be there with an extra day on Ua Pou for the festival. The December 14th - 29th voyage rates will be 10% higher.

Accomodation in Ua Pou is very limited. I'd be making plans now.

Photo courtesy of Tahiti Tourisme.

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