Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Baggage Storage at Tahiti Airport

Tahiti airport
At Tahiti (Faaa) Airport (the only one on the island) baggage storage is located in a small building within the large parking lot just in front of the airport.

Air Tahiti Nui has provided this luggage storage information page which includes an excellent map to the location. As links to Tahiti related Web pages go bad at an alarming rate I have also copied the information here.

The hours of operation are:

Monday4 am - 12:30 am (+1)
Tuesday.5 am -12:30 am (+1)
Wednesday.5 am -12:30 am (+1)
Thursday5 am -12:30 am (+1)
Friday5 am - 11 pm
Saturday5 am - 12:30 am (+1)
Sunday5 am -12:30 am (+1)
Holidays5 am -12:30 am (+1)

For 24 hours of storage the rates are:

Small volume (vanity, etc.)*395
Middle size suitcase640
Big box950
Surfboard (short board)1100
One cover-several surfboards1600
Surfboards over 2 meters2200

Currency accepted: Euros, AUD, NZD, USD, XPF
Credit cards: Visa and Mastercard

* my 2' x 1' x 10" duffle was accepted at this fee on two different occasions over a year apart.

The telephone number for baggage storage is: (689) 86 60 08

I've also stored my bags for free at the downtown tourist office. They are only open during the day until 5 pm. That is just a leave your bags in this corner deal vs. having a claim ticket.

Please be aware that the hours and rates may change.

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